Tuesday the 17th of November, 2009

For time:

Row 2k

Rest as needed

L-Sit for time

What is your least favorite WOD? Why?
Post times and thoughts to comments.

Of interest:


Slim Biscayne said...

Right now, my least favorite WOD is filthy fifty, mainly because of the almost 40 minute sit took me to do the last three exercises.

Truth is they all suck and by suck I mean give me an opportunity to grow through attacking my weaknesses.

DS said...

i didnt really mind the filthy 50. but i really fell behind on my K2E my grip strenght was in serious need for help. i could have finished in 28 mins instead of 38

thekillatapes said...

They all present their own unique challenges to me, and that's why I love it (cop-out of an answer I know).

Haven't been able to make it in lately, so today I decided to make up my own WOD, I call it Walter Cronkite, although there very well may be a name for it already:

10 pull ups in home
sprint down hallway
sprint down 8 flights of stairs
run a mile to the park
50 push ups and 50 sit ups (alternating as needed)
run a mile back to home
sprint up 8 flights of stairs
sprint down hallway
10 pull ups in home

Rx'd for a time of 28:52, time for a banana and some steak. Will be ebullient to get back in there soon, I'm going through withdrawals!

Jason said...

i confess, the chalk-covered ball was my handiwork.

pete saw me floundering with the wall ball (my first time picking up a medicine ball), and suggested i chalk my hands.

i guess i went overboard...

Jason W said...

Karen and Kelly b/c of the wall balls. I think I could do the whole filthy fifty faster than Karen.

I also have wrist issues with thrusters (front squat to push press transition).....see my Fran time

Wess said...

2k row- 7:54

L sit on bars closest to ground- 22,24,11 secs

Yamakoa said...

2k row 7:05
L Sits wooden paralletes 10-5-5

2K row 9:41
PVC paralletes (knees in) 1:01-45-39

Dom: great job on your 1000 squats. No easy task.

K-Nastee said...

2K Row - 8:20
L-S*it Rings - 28-30-32

Coming for you on row next time Alejandro...

Slim Biscayne said...

1000 air squats not for time

Yamakoa said...

As for the least favorite wod, I have noticed now that there is not one that sticks out. The wods that "suck" the most are dependent on the work being done during the week. For instance, we may have done several posterior chain centric workouts in the beginning of the week and then Dianne will come up. Dianne is wod that I really enjoy, but not after doing Michael, Randy and a max Total. Some wods are more difficult than other for sure, but the timing in which they are interjected into the cycle really makes them more or less heinous.

DM said...

2 muscle ups
4 hspu
8 pistols

7 min AMRAP

5+1 MU
hspu slow me down, but getting better.
Least favorite WOD=none. They all are painful if done right and all have benefits.

Chris G said...

Clean and jerk - got 205 no problem then failed 5x at 225. No problem w/ the clean, not getting under the bar on the jerk. Got a little better on the 115# squat snatch - banged out about 15 or 16 w/ multiple failed attempts in between - took my time.