Grammar, the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.


A. Hang Snatch 2-2-2-2-2
failed on rep 1 of  165& 170, failed on 2 reps at 175. Just a lil soft in the shoulder.
Had to get more aggressive. Got em.

b1. Pull up, 3 reps at 70#
b2. Snatch Grip push press, 3 reps @ 175#

Failed twice on last rep of last set of pull up. PULLED OUT.
Push press felt good when the hip focus was there. Hip explosion. That's what she said.

Wednesday PM-Friday PM

Words you never want to hear from a surgeon with a scalpel, Part 1:
"Well, that's worse than I thought it would be..."
"Unusual" x11, including 7 more at the follow up visit today.
"You sure you wanna watch this? I've never had anyone watch me cut them open....Ok, your choice."
"Who's picking you up? Wait, what? You're kidding, right? Ok, drive safe."

Bleed out in restaurant, Not for time. Leave lunch on table, stumble to car, race home.
Freak out Nanny with blood.  "MUCHO ROJO!!!!!!!"
Lay on couch for 72 hours eating shit
(Who's down for an american cheese sandwich? snickers bar? I just found out I am an emotional eater)
Something about an inch and a half unsealed wound in your leg and gravity don't go well together.
Someone bring me more chocolate and beer.
Probably the best thing that could have happened training wise.
Forced rest.
See you all at the OPEN...

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