Dan90 minutes yoga. Really nice end to the week/restart to the new week. Body needed it.


165x1x15 (on the minute)

Reps 11 and 12 where failures within 1 minute of each other. Mental lapse. Was studying for Level 1 test in between sets. Yea really. I dont recommend it.
Closed the book and completed the last 5 with no failures.
Did not use the straps for this session. Changes things up a bit. Was getting too reliant on them for all my lifts. I am going to use them only for the 3's and 2's and all multiples from the hang as well and thats only when I plan on stringing reps unbroken. If I drop in between then no straps as well.

195x1x15 (on the minute)

Being a bit more patient on the second pull helped me get it higher up the thigh which made the third pull and recieving position much more efficient. The jerks felt great. Need to remember sharp dip and explosive drive and retreat.

CF Evolution Skill test: Max HSPU on 45's and abmat
18 (13,3,2)

Feeling a bit fat. This week more running and tightening up of the diet.

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