Thursday the 29th of January, 2009


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

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Anonymous said...

scaled to 100 lb


Destroyed from yesterday. Felt this in the lumber region. Good work out.

PANOS said...

8:40 (100#)

Scaled down to nurse my sore back. Technique felt solid as a result. Almost too solid. Definitely could go Rx next time. That being said it is ok to scale down when confronted with a new task. Live to fight another day!

Back feels Grrrrrreat!

Anonymous said...

damn your 8:40. looks like a bunch of goals are coming out of the last few days.

over head press strength
dead lift strength
proficiency with olympic lifts

Doormouse said...

Rx (135)12:26
Good pain.
At least 5 f bombs thrown at coach clickington. What a jerk I am.
After the first 21 that 100 lbs looked nice and happy.

Slim Biscayne said...

scaled to 135# cleans and assisted ring dips.

18:37 I think.

Felt good and difficult. I was much stronger today than yesterday.