Saturday the 7th of March, 2009

Today is our "Helen Challenge".
It is free and open to the public.
The workout is scalable for anyone of any ability.
We will be running waves every fifteen minutes starting at one o'clock.
We will also be BBQ'ing all day. Bring some stuff to toss on the grill or just come and compete.


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


Martin Mobiles & Sculpture said...

CrossFit305ers - Have a good "Helen" day. My deal this morning was 2.0 mi interval training on 11 laps/mile indoor track. Kip up practice. 25 pushups the right way. 15 squats w 35lbs. Walk 1 mi. Stretching 10 min. One hour total. Would like to be with CF305 today. Eat some chicken off the grill.

CrossFit 305 said...


7:40 (PR)

Thanks to all that came out, we'll see more of you next time.

CrossFit 305 said...

100 sdlhp 45lb
50 thrusters 45 lb
30 pull ups


Didn't want to but...
Two a day to get ready...

crossfit305er said...

Dan and Pete,

My time was 15:32 for the "helen",

Thanks, wish I was there grilling yesterday!

-Kevin= up here in the land of Elk and Salmon

PANOS said...

Rx 8:44 Pr

straight sets. need to speed up the runs.