Wednesday the 11th of March, 2009

If you are offended by music with obscene language, turn this down. Insane bar skills.

Complete as many rounds as you can in thirty minutes of:
Five pull-ups
Five ring dips
15 Sit-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.


Slim Biscayne said...


15 minutes

clean and jerk 135# - 30 reps

pullup work.

CrossFit 305 said...

300 single unders
150 double unders

32 kilo chin x3
48 kilo chin x1 (only to forehead)
100 lb. chin x1 (forehead again)
...led to a sprain/pull in the left side of the trapezius and a call to the massage therapist...

still did the
wod rx
21 rounds
Phone calls and texting throughout led to a not so hot number, goal is 30 next time and the phone stays out of the damn room. nice chafing on the backside from all of the sits. a little stiff in the neck, time to go buy a heat pad.

Slim Biscayne said...

5 Pullups
5 Bar Dips
15 situps

30 minutes AMRAP

11 rounds plus 4 pulls.

PANOS said...

AM set
50/ 32 sec
50/ 27 sec
93/ 57 sec

WOD: 17rds + 4 pull up
-all sets chest to bar, no kip dip, butterfly sit up.

PM set
WOD from early in the week

sq- 225, 305 pr
ohp- 115, 175x, 150
dl- 345, 410x, 385

burnt out. hit pr squat. nothing left.

crossfit305er said...

Dan and Pete,

15 sets in 30:00,
Up here in the land of rain and mist,