Monday the 27th of April, 2009

Dan pulls on 275 during the Suicide run/Deadlift WOD at the Dirty South Qualifier

Dirty South WOD #4
'The Decider'
1000 Meter Run

25 OHS (135lb. Men) (95lb. Women)
100 Meter Run
50 Kettlebell Swings (53lb. Men) (35lb. Women)
100 Meter Run
25 Burpees
200 Meter Run


Chris Holt said...

Hey Dan,
It was such a pleasure meeting you this weekend. I'm happy that we all got to meet each other in person. We're planning a dinner meeting with I AM CROSSFIT to try to plan and organize an event or mini competition. Let me know what days or times your available. Great job this weekend. Can't wait for next year. Give me a call anytime. 305 546 7368.


Chris Holt

Slim Biscayne said...

22:48 - hurting and slow!!!

botattack said...

that sucked after two weeks of coughing. 16:47. Oxygen deprivation is the worst.