Tuesday the 23rd of June

We will be meeting at the beach at 73rd Street at 6pm. There is public parking at the lot between 72nd and 73rd on Collins or on 73rd east of Collins. Bring water, sunscreen, a towel and clothes you don't mind getting wet (a swimsuit). Call Dan for more information (561) 809 - 2858

from the CrossFit Archives - 2/14/01

"...Today we are taking a day of active rest. If you’ve performed to expectation you’ll welcome the break. If you know our methods, you'll make an intelligent inference about tomorrow (hint).

The idea here is to engage in some sport or activity at intensity above recreational while being below our regular training intensity. Don't count your primary sport! This is a cross-training opportunity. Step outside your normal bounds. Below are some suggestions.

Bicycle Hill Climb
Hoops! (Basketball)
Mountain Hike
Surf Paddle
Handball or racquetball

Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:


2fit2cross said...

wow rollerblade!

shoulder press
1 RM is 115

3 - 3- 3
100 #

1 - 1 - 1

DM said...

No beach, t-storms.

"Lucky 13"
6 rounds AMRAP=84
32 pull ups=32
78 double unders=18.5
16 burpees=16

Better WOD with the rest taken away and the burpees tied on.

dibo said...

treadmill 5k 26:45

100 du's

30 burpees

3x15 bicep curl
4x20 calf raises


Yamakoa said...

Thruster Ladder (10-1)
Pull Up Ladder (1-10)

used a 12 lbs vest
Thrusters were done with 50 lbs DB's

Did not time. Thrusters = easy PU's = not so easy

wanted Helen today, but got rained on

DM said...

Man, those calf muscles look f'n great bro!