Wednesday the 8th of July, 2009

K1 going to full extension on the KB swing
Dibo kipping on the Muscle up

Bench Mark Wednesdays
Starting with last Wednesdays Fran, we will be doing a benchmark WOD every Wednesday.
What is your favorite benchmark WOD and why? Post thoughts to comments.


Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
1.5(m)/1(f) pood Kettlebell Swing, 21 reps
12 Pull Ups


Jason W said...

Helen - 15:00
400m run, 21 1.125 pood, 24 ring rows -- still have back injury, can't do a single push up or pull up

2fit2cross said...

I like Murph, which I guess is a hero work out. Cindy would be my favorite benchmark workout. It was the first one I did back when (12 rounds, now i am up at 17 c2b). I like the simplicity of it, the scary simplicity.

2fit2cross said...

Monday up in NYC at the Black Box
Southwest Regional Qualifier, WOD #1:
3 rounds for time of:
Row 500m
10 Squat Clean & Jerk (155# for men, 105# for women)
I scaled to 115#

19:41. Rough.

Being at the BlackBox just really made me appreciate the level of individual attention we get at CF 305. Really a different vibe up there.

Slim Biscayne said...

I'm not sure I have a favorite benchmark. They are all pretty tough for me to get through. I guess it would have to be something like Grace because ground to overhead is a good movement for me.

My favorite workout period is definitely 'Magic 50' because it just rips you. There is nowhere to hide.

Adam said...

Murph - no question. After that, anything else without weights

Adam said...

Love the "Benchmark Wednesdays"

DM said...

7:29 Rx
On new 200 meter out and back course. Had to punch a truck on the third run. Good stuff.

I like Helen, Murph, DT, Michael...anything with power cleans, runs, pull ups.
Dislike Diane, hate Fran.
That said, working on weaknesses has become a favorite of mine as well.

DIBO said...

9:04RX. previous 10:31.

Yamakoa said...

Rx'd - 8:44

Rx'd - 11:22

Favorite benchmark WOD - None yet. Helen is pretty good. I like Fran but she hurts. Michael is getting better.

K2's vote - cindy

Murph is a benchmark workout? I thought hero workouts were not benchmark workouts. I guess anything can be a benchmark. Anybody voting for Crossfit Total? Come on K Rock and Dom!

Slim Biscayne said...

scaled to 24 ring rows, DNF after back froze up on third run.

still weak in the core from GHD's on Monday

thanks to Alex for helping me stretch out.

Adam said...

Helen: 8:50 (rx) PR

previous PR 12:20

PANOS said...

21 KB swings @ 2 pood
3 rds

11:32 Rx

KB's 21,21,21
HSPU's 12, 6-6,3-2,2,3,2
HSPU's got real hard real fast. Something about being winded and upside down really slows down your HSPU's.