Wednesday the 5th of August, 2009

Benchmark Wednesdays

Wall-ball 150 shots
For time


Jason said...

Last night work out:

Annie 8:53
Pull up ladder - 9 deadhang
Ring dip ladder - 10

PANOS said...

Front squat 185#
GHD sit ups

24:40 Rx

Was not sure if I should scale the weight. I opted to keep it, break up each set, treat it as a strength WOD with a little zip on it and see what happens. Anyhow my plan was 3x7,6,5,4,3,2 and one set of 3.
Met my goal up to the 6 and 3 where I did complete sets.

Can anybody say Neuroendocrine response? Fughetaboutit! Brutal.

DM said...

Did no one do Karen?

7 dumbbell burpees 35#
7 k2e
7 wall ball 20#
Every three minutes do 10 GHD sit ups
6 rounds for time

DId this right after a mile run, slow first half and fast the last half. Finished with a 1600 meter row.
Visited CrossFit Lake Country to do this one.

PANOS said...

Not so fast. Everybody did KAREN. Or should I say she did them. Dibo absolutely killed it! Adam just barely broke 10. Rich was cursing me out. Im going to do it as a supplement this weekend sometime. We will see.

dibo said...

karen rx 7:20

adam said...

9:59 for me. Pretty cooked after 3 hard days, but Nate looks like a lot of fun for today. I will try to get in for it.

Great work, Dibo

Dan, what the heck are dumbell burpees?

Slim Biscayne said...

15:45 RX

Lower back cramped up bad.

Not good - last time I was at 13:55 with ease.

Dumbbell burpees=renegade man makers

DM said...

db burpees at Lake Country crossfit were pretty much a db deadlift, back down to a push up. no overhead.
i would add on an overhead to complete it.

Defend305 said...

Joey G.

Karen WOD
12lb Medicine ball

Karen hurt me! I need to work on my endurance. Its not very good