Saturday the 17th of October, 2009

Today is this first day of our Olympic Weight Lifting class at twelve noon.
Stick around for the One PM class...
Field day at the Park!


Slim Biscayne said...

Weightlifting class at noon that was focused on Snatch progressions. Great practice and great instruction from Peter. I don't believe it is possible to learn these lifts any other way than by dedicating time and focus to them.

Then CrossFit 305 headed over to the park on 62nd and NE 2 ave, one of Miami's finest.

First we did some light warmup and dynamic stretching. Then we did:

15 squats
jump up the bleachers, one at a time, run back down
15 push-ups
5 rounds

rest and recover, break into six person teams

wheelbarrow 25' broad jump back
2 rounds

rest and recover
lateral jungle gym back and forth while team wall sits
sprint to light pole and back

rest and recover

100 pullups
200 dips
300 situps
carry a team member on your back to the light pole

Big props to Gruber for carrying my big ass.

Great workout and a lot of fun.

cold shower, lots of water, feeling good but housed.

K-Nasty! said...

Great Job and Mucho "Props" to Team K-Rrrrico! Cool WOD but was nasty way to jump back into action following illness!

thekillatapes said...

Field Day was awesome!!! Should do that more often, especially with the weather finally getting good!

Got elbowed in the face on the Hero carry, haha!

Good times

2fit2cross said...

dead lift
250x3 + 2

135 x10 x5

3 rounds
16 kg pull upd x 5
ghd sit up x 20