Wednesday the 14th of October, 2009

Congratulations Ann and Hesmet for completing your first class WOD. Welcome to 305!
30 muscle ups for time.

If you cannot do muscle ups:

10 rounds for time
10 pull ups
10 push ups

Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:


Chris G said...

Dear crossfit305,

After narrowly avoiding blacking out during today's WOD, I've decided to leave crossfit after a year for a training program that is a little more my speed. I want to focus on my strengths not my weaknesses:




DM said...

If Facione and Brackett endorse it, I'm pretty sure it's what you want to do. 240 reps per minute=INTENSITY.

Jason W said...

That's old news. I have been doing something like that since I was about 14, and usually in less than 6 minutes

30 muscle ups for time: 7 total in about 20 minutes - big DNF -- can't lift my arms now -- goal is 15 next time this one comes up

2fit2cross said...

i was telling d and p about this the other day....um that just sucks.

Slim Biscayne said...

'sucks' isnt really what comes to mind

Wess said...

funny stuff Chris..

WOD-7:43- was on track for a PR but failed at 28th rep(3 fails before finish)

finisher-400 m for time- 66 sec

Jason said...


1st time completing this WOD...

DM said...

Rest for time.

Yesterday's finisher: 200 meter uphill carolla push-1:54
DH MU groove greasing.

Anonymous said...

7:25. PR.
First time breaking 10:00. No failed attempts was the key. One at a time. Steady Eddie.

Tabata sdlhp head to head with jason. I hate sdlhps. 50 ghd's, slow


thekillatapes said...

Ugh, I went with the 10pull/10push X 10. Used red band for first couple rounds, then blue band.

Horrendous 33:something for my time. if I don't have legit pull-ups by year's end I'm bummed, er, more bummed.

Chris G said...

6:09 - 16 seconds slower than my last time. 1 failed attempt each at #26 and #30.

400m run 1:16

Slim Biscayne said...

Chris - you clearly need more cisco blocks in your diet.

5 pullups/5 pushups - 9 rounds
5 ring rows/5 pushups - 1 round
10 ring rows/10 pushups - 5 rounds


adam said...

Just had a chance to watch that clip. now the comments make sense. Funny shit.

only 6 minutes a day?

2fit2cross said...

9:44 one second slower than last time. two fails where your arm almost rips out of its socket.

400 meter in 1:33. WTF?!?!?! strength cycle? first few days of return to strict paleo, limited carbs? i dont know but that sucked. no excuses, but come on!

Slim Biscayne said...

Joseph - If I had a vagina, I would be a woman....and if you kipped the whole way instead of trying to be a stud, you would have gotten a PR