Friday the 27th of November, 2009


No classes today. Enjoy the rest & digest.
Saturday Olympic weightlifting at noon, WOD at one.

K-Rocc got down at CrossFit R.A.W.


K-Rocc said...

Today I attended Crossfit R.A.W while home for the holidays in Pittsburgh PA. Pictured are K-Roc, Amy and Jerame (Super Bowl Championship Steeler), two very impressive coaches at this "box". Great WOD today done professionally and enthusiastically! R.A.W was an incredibly gracious host with a fierce warmup and WOD! Great, huge facility, with their own indoor soccer field!

-Indoor Soccer Field perimeter run x 3 laps.

-Various Calisthenics (pushups/squats/"bunny hops"/bear crawls/wounded crawl/gorilla crawl/backwards run/high knees/butt kicks/jumping jacks/leg swing high kicks/side lunges)

-10 min AMRAP pre-WOD of:
20 Double Unders or 100 singles
Lunges across soccer field
Backwards run to starting jump ropes

-WOD 15 min Team WOD for points done in Fight Gone Bad Fashion.
400m Row
Push Press 95 RX Men
SDHP 95 RX Men
Ring Dips

-2 man Team Pullups Max reps 5 min.

Happy Holidays!

DM said...

Rest relax and BLACK FRIDAY!!!