Saturday the 28th of November, 2009

Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:
25 Burpees
Front squat, 15 reps (bar starts from floor) 135/95
Post rounds completed to comments.


Brian said...

WODs from Bloomfield Crossfit:

Fight Gone Bad:
4 rounds

Angie: 26:37

Jason W said...

Squat Snatch practice - 45 and 65lbs - lots of work to do on this and overhead squatting -- great work Pete and Alex moving some serious weight around

WOD scaled to 115#

3 rounds plus 25 burpees

DM said...

Brian, whoever had you do 4 rounds of FGB is evil.

4:48 RX
Very mentally challenging due to the bird's in here today. Wouldn't stop chirping.
Still a PR for my squat hating self.
21's and 9's unbroken on pull ups. 15's are still the key. 8-7 thruster and 9-6 pull ups. 7-2 on 9 of thruster...birds broke me. Can taste the low 4's.

Yamakoa said...

Oly class
Snatch Progressions. Worked predominately consisted of high hang snatch and full snatch with intermittent mid hang snatch. Watching Pete made me realize that technique is supremely important, and as the technique gets better the weight will come. Congrats on the PR!

(LBS) 65/95/115/135 terrible technique. Was able to power snatch it and OHS, but not what I am looking for. Dropped back down to multiple sets of one snatch immediately followed by a high hang snatch at 115 lbs and 120 lbs.

WOD - Rx'd - 5 rounds + 25 burpees and 2 FS. At about the 4th round,, last nights bender was making itself known.

Good Job McGruber. You almost made it through that concrete wall.

DIBO said...

friday's wod

500m row
400m run
20 hang squat cleans #95
30 sit anchored situps

3 rounds 25:22

200 du's

Chris G said...

4 rounds 8 burpees - working my way back into it. back felt OK