Monday the 9th of November, 2009

For time:
25 Squats
25 Push-ups
25 Pull-ups
25 Sit-ups
50 Squats
50 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
75 Squats
75 Push-ups
75 Pull-ups
75 Sit-ups
Post time to comments.

CrossFit 305 Fittest In Miami Challenge 3

Saturday's first event will be an outdoor field run including backward running, four point running (bear crawl, crab walk) and short bouts of bodyweight movements.

The second event is a barbell to overhead any way how event. The Rx weight for men is 155#/women 105#. The total weight to lift for men is 5,000#/women 3,500.

The third event is a metabolic conditioning workout including burpees, dumbbell swings, lunging and short sprints. The Rx weight for men is 30#/women 20#.


Jason W said...


Adam said...

Today's WOD - LONG. Bring your vaseline.

Every once in a while it is good to stop and make fun of ourselves (those offended by language, this is not rated PG):


2fit2cross said...

starting strength

220 x5 x3

260 x5 x3

overhead press
95 x5x2
95 x6 + pp x5 + pj x7

pull ups
12 reps x3

thekillatapes said...

Adam that video is the best!

And I'm very apprehensive about this WOD. Dang.

DM said...

warmup-260 deadlift x5
275 deadlift max reps 3 minutes-19
95 overhead press max reps-14
95 overhead press max reps-11
135 power clean, pressx3-5 sets
135 snatch grip deadliftx5-5 sets
1 pood kb snatch 3x5 each arm

Yamakoa said...
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Yamakoa said...

Rx 25:19

K2 Rx 40:30
Great job. Way to rx the wod.

Dom - great pull ups. You are making big strides bro.

Dan - thanks for the form corrections and of course the booty music.

Sean = beastly

dibo said...

sun wod. 30 snatches#75, 30 wall ball shots #20. 3xrds. 19:52

today. 5k, 5min rest, 300 du's.

DM said...

100 double unders for time:
self count-0:50

rest a few minutes

101 double unders for time:
dom count-0:47

Chris G said...


Wess said...

Rx- 33:59- ..weak

PANOS said...

This one hurt today and tomorrow. Ouch!