Friday the 11th of December, 2009

Joe DiBernardo came hard yesterday

For time:
Row (calories)
Dumbbell thruster 35/25
Pull Ups
Push press 75/55

Of interest:
  • It's Bring a friend Friday - bring a friend to CF 305 for a free workout.


Wess said...

anybody else running the ING half/full marathon next month?

DM said...

Fern is doing the half. I am doing the 5k the day before.
Running at eleven AM this Saturday.
Changed from 2pm as stated in earlier updates.

PANOS said...

just registered for the 5k

Jason W said...

Friday WOD

10:15 Rx

bring your oxygen

Jason said...


i'm gonna run the ING half. i did it last year in 1:45. need to start doing a long run every weekend to prepare...hoping to break 1:40 this time.

Brian said...


Do we meet at the Box for running tomorrow?

DM said...

Yes sir. We will meet at the box and hit the local parks.

Joseph said...

10:29 RX. Um this was way harder than I thought it would be. Good work to the morning classes.

DM said...

Did this one after Front squats on Wednesday.
Hits hard in the middle of the 12 thrusters....
little voice kept creeping in...
'slow down, quit, stop'.
didn't listen and did em all unbroken.
b'fly kip is really coming along.
Good WOD.
Fast & fun. If your idea of fun is hypoxia and anaerobic threshold training....and mine is.

thekillatapes said...

15:13 at 20# DB. Really kicked my ass, all the beer and liquor couldn't of had anything to do with it, could it?

dibo said...

6:10 rx

Yamakoa said...

6:36 Rx'd
Big Dawg breathing the fire.

Chris G said...

6:19 rx followed by 30 minutes on the deck writhing in my own puddle