Monday the 21st of May, 2009

"Mission Mile"

Run 1 mile as a team (2-3 member teams)
with a pair of dumbells stopping
every 400 mtrs to complete 15 thrusters each.

Carry the weight any way you like.

Please take a few minutes and
write a review of us on Google.


Brian said...


Thanks for all the help this morning.

practice skills with DM.

ran 2 miles with weighted vest. not as a bad as I thought it would be.

adam said...

Great time at the party on Saturday. Thank you Dom and Jamie for hosting.

Sunday - home creation (elizabeth plus annie somehow equals..)

3 rds:

25 dubs
25 ring dips
25 DB Squat Cleans (45#) (brutal)
25 Abmat situps


Also - nice one today. Different and a fun change of pace. Enjoyed gymnastics practice with the Mary Lou Retton sisters.

PANOS said...

Mission Mile:

Panos/Javier 18:06 rx

Nice to run with weight. Mechanics need to change a bit to avoid the ground forces.

Double Burpee Ladder (hold the fries)
2,4,6,8....went on till 14 then stopped as the group stopped.

PANOS said...

30 AM sit up (pre fatigue each round)
155lb Power cleans
1.5pd KB
24" box jumps



K-Nastee! said...

WOD at Iron Diablo:

Bear Complex 155lbs
Ring dips x 10
High Knee Speed Jump ropes x 50

3 rounds.

dibo said...

missionary mile with sean 19:57, hard stuff! #40 d.b.

burpee ladder 18+7. OUCH.

PANOS said...

Sean you took it like a champ from dibo!

DM said...

Back Squat
Box Jumps
30-40 inches in 5's
51 x1,1,1 (all fails,mental after a nasty fall on the 1st)
50 x1,1,1,1,1,1 (all good)
Overhead Press 1rm 155# (Very slow)
Ladder agility runs
Burpee Ladder (2 more every minute)

Slim Biscayne said...

mission mile with Pheleo

21:08 I think

double burpee ladder 8

came down weird on my wrist

Yamakoa said...

Rx'd 22 something with Angelo
Great job on the 40 lbs db thrusters Angelo

Burpee Ladder 18+14 Yikes!

19:30 15lbs Thruster

Burpee ladder 14 +8

Joseph said...

i loved the mission mile. great exercise in teamwork!
burpee ladder
16 + 15