Saturday the 26th of December, 2009

No 11am running class today
Running class resumes January 2nd

Oly class will meet as scheduled

5 rounds for time
135/95 lb thruster, 15 reps
Run 400 meters


DM said...

Bench Press

c2 rower :30on/:30off x5 damper@7

dibo said...

coming off 4 day rest.

wod rx 20:00
broke up all thrusters in sets of 5except last set 10, 3, 2.

kinda gassed early, lots of walking on runs in rounds 4 & 5.

great energy in the box today. tough wod this was.

J Weezy said...

all last week bad food and no exercise

good to be back in MIA

8:30am: 21 dubs, 21 DB Squat Cleans #25, 21 situps, 400m run -- 3 rounds in about 18 minutes

noon: snatch practice, got 95# up on a power land for a PR

1:00pm: legs juiced so did a make up Nicole - 18, 15, 13, 18, 18, 15 -- 97 total

P.S. I am officially changing my blogger name since I AM Lil' Wayne's jam band soulmate

Wess said...

3 rounds of-
Incline Bench at 145# x10
Dumbell PP at 40# x10
10 DeadHang PullUps
20 T2B


finisher- 32 flights of stairs NFT.

Yamakoa said...

Oly class
worked mostly heaving snatches in reps of 5.
Power snatches 95x2/115x2/125x2

Rx'd wod;
22:11 Gassed hard and early. Gruber was proud of me. 1st round - all 15 reps unbroken. 2nd round 9 straight reps. Not very smart. Caught up with me on the back end.

Pete and Big Dawg - great job
Radicchio - wait push

adam said...

RX 24:56. Enjoyed my first Saturday class. Very hard one, super heavy. Never done more than a few sets of 5 at that weight, so 75 reps was a crusher, 7 off teh jump, then 2-4 at a time rest of the way (more 2's than 4's). Good strength day though. Form needs lots of work at that weight. knees cave in.

Great work by everyone. Pete and Dibo - impressive.

PANOS said...

18:44 Rx

Quads felt like mud coming out of the door.Thrusters felt heavy on the way up. Box squats to fix that pop.
Great fun working out with the class. Look forward to opening up the saturday class to that kind of flow more often.
This one could be done faster.

Chris G said...

26:50ish??? Rx - I had no pop at all. Thrusters hurt my wrist like a mo fo. Did the thrusters in sets of 3 except for the first round (5,5,5).