Thursday the 17th of December, 2009

Bro, do you work out bro?
OH, yaa! Trap bar baby!

The Russian's Gymnastics Warm Up

5 rounds for time:
Run 1,000 meters

Do not rest between efforts.

Post times to comments.

Of interest:
  • If you are coming to the holiday potluck Saturday, please email dominic@crossfit305.com with what you are bringing or sign up on the sheet in the gym. Thanks and you are welcome to come even if you can't bring anything!


Yamakoa said...


Ed said...

Thank god tomorrow is a rest day.

adam said...

Spur of the moment, "rest day" 5k after 4 days on, no warmup and recovering from a few glasses of wine. Did not even decide to do it until 30 seconds in. 21:30, about a minute off regular prepared, race day times when I was running regularly, had a lot less grey hair and couldn't do 10 pushups. I'll take it in a heartbeat. THAT is what crossfit does.

The benefits we get from anaerobic threshold training are well documented, but we don't always get the opportunity to test them out. I am sure lots of people looked at this one and said, "REST DAY". These runs are important. Do them slow, break them up, jog them if you have to but don't skip them.

Call me a nerd if you want (you know you are thinking it) but i love this shit.

Slim Biscayne said...

pretty awesome for a nerd

DM said...


and right.


30 squat snatches, 135#

2 screams, 1 drop (#24) and three extra reps for good measure (33 reps for the 33y.o. manchild).

Is it wrong to say snatch gets me high? OOF!

Hitting the 5k later.

Brian said...

5K. 27 minutes and change.

Joseph said...

usually i love the 5k days, but now on the quest for the pr every time i do it, and getting more "comfortable" with that really uncomfortable edge that i need to ride, i kind of am scared of these days.

thekillatapes said...

Good thing I cut back last night and only had one glass of wine and one whiskey.

Really enjoyed running through the rain, was a very satisfying feeling. This was my first 5K.


DM said...


Out too fast and legs uber dead.
Knife in my side half way through.
9:35 first half, 10:42 last half.
Lifting then running changes things.

dibo said...

24:09 p.r.

30 ghd unbroken

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment that Dibo body checked a little blonde to remain nameless to get the PR!

dibo said...

you were in my P.R. way

dibo said...

you were in my P.R. way

Yamakoa said...

Out late from work: Home wod
1 k row 3:43
100 push ups 4:08
100 sit ups 4:47
100 squats 2:17
1 k row 3:41

5 k row