Welp, it's been almost a month...
Regionals went well. Lots of really good, young competition.
Squat cleaned 215 Thursday before the competition just to make sure my knees could handle it. Threw my back out in the process. Great thing to do 36 hours before the last event of a season. Recovered well and got under 225 before my back said QUIT and I listened as there were 4 events to go.
Finished 49th in the Region with no DNF's, which was the only real goal.
The last month has been spent eating everything in excess and training lightly. Back in the pool this week finally, laying off heavy lifting. Sled pushing and ring work have become favorites.

5 minute AMRAP
10 muscle up buy in
3 squat snatches @115
1 15' rope climb
4 rounds plus 3 lifts.


10x25 meter freestyle sprint in the pool
10-15 breath rest
Lats slow to go.

4x100 meter moderate freestyle.. Triceps slow.

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