In 10 minutes:
Max reps 155lb thrusters
50 dubs prior to starting every set after bar hits the deck.

41 reps

rest 5 minutes


That was brutal. My plan was to get 5-7 thrusters and 50 dubs every minute and a 10 minute Helen. Not too far off my goal. 5 minutes is just not enough time for me to recover and go run. The run was the big slut of the party. She kept f'ing me. I started to cramp on the first run going out. Down hill from there. On the agenda for this week. High volume running WODs. Thats really the biggest hole in my game as I see it. Until next week. Same bat time same bat channel.
Thanks to Guido, Holt, Lish, Adri, Rey and Will who stayed for the full wod. Adam and Wess who pull half duty.

DM14 holes golf.
Very relaxing.

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