Iron Curtain 2010

Test 1&3 11/25=36 total (4th)
Run= 9:53 (8th)
Test 3=8 (6th)
Couplet= 120 (16th)
DL= 455 (15th)
triplet= 6:23 (2nd)

4th place overall

After regionals I thought that the human body could not endure that much punishment over the course of a long day. I was wrong. All the training I put in paid off. My only regret(kind of) was not dealing with the deadlift properly. I went in to ambitious. I was not prepared for that 5/ bar format in short time span. Also I was not prepared to lift really heavy weight. Period. I take from that lesson that I need to wear a belt for really heavy lifts if I want to win or get big numbers. Which leads me to "is it worth it?" Is the quest to lift the most weight worth the potential for injury? That was definitely in the back of my head. Attempting a 1RM is no laughing matter. It is to be taken seriously. I guess watching the video with Games winner Holmberg did not help. I dreamed about that lift the night before. It consumed my thoughts. Looking forward It is something I will strive for, but do so in the right way, with good form! Thats the only way I know.

5 hspu on 45s head to floor
6 dead hang pull ups
7 ring dips
8 ghd situps
9 push ups
10 squats
5 rds NFT

200 dubs 1:42 unbroken. head hurt afterwards.

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