Excuse me if the past 11 days have not been up to date.
Today pull ups ladder 18+ 13
200 dubs 1:58

Yesterday a 1:26.9 500 meter row which is a new PR

Day before, who knows, days before that, who knows even more. Oh wait, I ran on the sand and saw some fish. It was nice and slow and warm. My feet got blistered a bit.

I know there was an extremely slow Murph in there as well, a bunch of other stuff and some other stuff as well as weights and pull ups, etc., etc., etc.

Feeling pretty good lately, working out for fitness and fun.

Starting prep for the ING marathon January 30th. Running once a week adding a mile per week, light loads on WODs. No heavy leg lifts. Should hurt terribly and then be over.

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