100' bear crawl
100' standing broad jumps
3 burpees after 5th jump

7:54 (20 lb vest)

HQ is on a hero WOD extravaganza. This one is silly but kind of tough. Definitely not as tough as heavy thrusters but challenging. Good one for a class in our gym.

20 minute AMRAP-rope climbs


Planned on holding a 2 climb every 2 minute pace. Jumped out slightly ahead of the pace and then maintained it pushing out 1 extra at the end. Used a modified J-hook. Looked forward to doing this WOD to test it out. Worked great. Got through some with 3 moves total and most with an added foot readjustment at the top to reach the tape line. Walked away with no burns. Only a finger blister. Not too shabby. My arms feel fine. Used mostly my legs which proved to get me through it. Got tough towards the end. My gas held up. Im ready for anything after that.

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