Barski Clean 70%x3+1x5

Clean DL 100%x3, 100%x3+5kg, 100%x3+10kg
255lb. have been using wrong number for Clean DL. Should be 285.

Main Page WOD
8 minute AMRAP
4 HSPU's on Paralletes and 45's stacked (games style)
8 KB swings 2 pood (always my favorite)
12 GHD sit-ups

5 minutes later I was inspired
Burpee double ladder
Shoulders had no go. Too soon after the AMRAP. Conditioning was not the issue here. I was breathing hard but not until the set of 20 was I worried. Almost hit my goal of 20. Been doing burpees lately. I will use them as primary conditioning tool. They always make for nasty metcon. Will try different varieties ie- Ross burpees, sandbag burpees, boxjump burpees, parallete burpees, cupcake burpees, cute kitten burpees.PRRRT.

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