2 position CNJ (floor-mid thigh)
80%x2x5 (210lbs)

Did it on 35's with abmat in between this time. Slowed it down a bit. Wasnt too bad though except for the fact that on the last 9 HSPU's I was pushing 1's after my initial set of 3. That really slowed it down. CNJ before might have had something to do with that or maybe my diet as of late. Who really knows. Im happy either way. Happy to be doing Crossfit. Oly get really boring at times, especially cause I do it alone.

Later on:
2 minute AMRAP of
~100meter sprint
10 squats
3 rounds total
3+1 run on each round

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Dan said...

Diane was a pretty awesome display of power. Last 9 just need a little work/no c-n-j prior. Maybe a little kip to Crossfit it up.