Snatch-work up to hvy single
CNJ- worke up to hvy single

1 Snatch (135lbs)

1 round Chesty
5 rounds on 2 minutes
Near catastrophe on the snatch. Realized it after but the bars where seized up and did not spin which gave me difficulty in turning under at max loads. As a result got under one and did not get set in time before the bar crashed onto my neck. I think the lack of rotation prohibited me from settling into it. My stelath-like ninja skills allowed me to elude serious injury. I joke about it but shit could have went down. Funny thing is I had great pop and had a positive mental state going into it like I was going to hit it. Almost did on the first attempt. Wish I had it on film. Worst part about it was the toll by back took in support of that miss. I was doomed on the cnj and did not have much to work with. Did it anyway and jumped into some lighter sets of snatch to leave things on a good note.

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