"Quadruple 6"

Believe it or not the hardest part of this where the friggin burpees.Weight was definitely heavy and took some will to get through push pressing all the way without putting it down. I was transitioning slowly. Feel like could have saved some time on the snatches. I really did not push them. My left hand was tender from an open wound. It hurt every time I threw it up. As a result had to modify the negative to get through it. Good combo and a realistic time frame of 10 minutes to complete even at 155lbs. Was on track at 3 rounds just under 5 minutes. I just did not have the umf to push through it. Actually I kept trying to make up excuses in my head to quit after 1, at 2 at 3 at 4 at 5 ok just do all six. Damn that sucked.
Kept with the program and hit that shuttle run WHICH SUCKED ASS. Quit after 3. I know. pussy. who cares. I ain't trying to get a result for something I cant do right now. Its like trying to pass the bar without studying. NO CHANCE.
Just want to get this oly cycle over and done with. Then comes the volume training and yes...running.

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