Barski Snatch 75%x3x5
Snatch Pull 90%xe3, 95%x3, 100%x3
190, 205, 215lbs
Thumbs where absolutely killing me. 

Dans Triplet
200mtr run
5 power cleans
5 Muscle-ups


very similar to a 2010 regional workout but with heaver weight on the PC's and 5 less reps. Actually pretty much the same thing now that I think about it. Except the run then for that one  was 220mtr and the PC was 135lbs. The best time for that one was just around 10 minutes. Yes Wess, you beat me on that one as well. Don't be surprised. You are a great athlete. Especially when it comes to muscle-ups. I think I quit on that sectional WOD then. Muscle-ups in WODs killed me.  That one was frustrating.  Failing on Muscle-ups in a WOD just shoots the time up. At that point if the goal is lost then I say fuck it. I made an effort to improve them in WODs. Not too bad this time around. I finished it with a respectable time. Even though I failed a few times on the 5th rd. What was  shaping out in the process and what ended up happening where two different things. Still I gave all I could for as long as I could. That's proper gym training etiquette. I will live to fight again. Hopefully with a 225 snatch.

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