Tuesday tore me up. Not sure what did it but posterior is beat up. Combo of 15.5 mile run and resisted pull ups I think. Lower back has not recovered.
Did half "Bull" yesterday. Made it through First round and 200 dubs of second. Back would not comply on OHS. Did 7 reps and knew that I was on the road to injury. Just not worth it.

Round 1
Pull Up-15,10,8,7,6,4

Round 2
Squats-fail, 1, 6, stop

Run was a breeze, dubs as well...OHS was terrible. I have not lifted with legs for 90 days in prep for ING marathon. Doing 50 reps of OHS at 135 might not have been the best idea. Did the last run with Pete and then pushed Guido to the finish. Props to Chris Holt for gutting through this one.

Looking forward to doing this again after a strength cycle. Rest today.

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