Thur, Fri, Sat

1 and some rounds of DM intervals
Phone interruption.
Happy to hit 50,49,56 on air squat & 25 on burps
Later, fun time with 40" box jumps, open grip MU, KipHSPU, 95# HangSnatch, Legless Rope climb

5 jump to ring MU
5 PC 185#
Continued to 6+6 for 12 minute AMRAP, failed on press out round 6, 5th MU.
L-Sit, 1 minute total in 2:53

100 calories, Aerodyne 3:35

5k jog with Kaya, Tina and Evan in stroller 37:32.
Kaya's first road race, Tropical 5k. Nice straight course. Over double PR for this course. Felt great to sweat and push Kaya along.

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