I don't like this WOD, I'm going to change the rules. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

A. Hang clean, 185 2x5 EMOM
B. Split jerk, 185 2x5 EMOM
C1. Chin up, 70# 3x3
C2. Push Press 185 3x3

30 yard prowler push high, 30 yard prowler push low.
Max effort burpees in balance of 2 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Race to 100 burpees with Dibo

31:50, as prescribed. Dibo right around 28:50 RX.
Whoever said it was 40 yards has trouble with math & counting.

Terrible, awful. Glad Dibo was there to do it with me.
Did one round with 1 burpee at 79-80, rode the thin puke line for the rest of the way.
Did NOT use paint lines, that'd be unmanly and grounds for a DNF.
Did NOT change time domain, that'd be unmanly and a DNF.
Wanted to pull a Tebow and Wess out of it.
Did NOT, that'd be unmanly.

It's sad when even our country's finest military representatives & elite exercisers have to change the rules and quit at something that they themselves designed. There is no other cure for this acute case of vaginosis than to repeat in the prescribed fashion and report the results. I give a 10 to 1 long shot on that actually happening.


PANOS said...

What can I say DM. All I know is that it was a great idea and a great workout. Movin forward.

DM said...
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DM said...

I think Chad had trouble with the whole movin' forward part?

Terrible idea. Nasty workout.
A true test of mental fortitude.

Chad M/Butter/Freckle bear said...

sure did.

i have also scored 600 on Fight Gone bad but instead of all the excercises i just do box jumps and push presses the whole time thats legit right?

Dan said...

Say whatever you need to say to make it right in your mind. Pass the buck all you want. Proof is in the budding. I will destroy all comers in any form of Fluff Gone BJ Penn any day of the week (no weekends). Task priority? fine. Time priority? fine. 5 round championship death match? Fine. No quit, no shit.

Chad M/Butter/Freckle bear said...

lets do this