a. Hang Power Clean w/ full pause 205x2 EMOM, 5 minutes
b. Push Jerk 215x2 EMOM, 5 minutes
31mm bar makes the HPC's more difficult, more so on the second rep re-grip
Jerks felt good. Feet kept in for the most part.

c1. 26# pull up x8, rest 1 minute
c2. 26# ring dip x8, rest 3 minutes
3 rounds
got all pull ups, failed on last dip set (4-1-1-1-1)

d. 3x12 bar dips

e. 4 minutes chest to thigh sit ups-123

Still not feeling a pop, long week of training last week. Legs are still beat up.
Over all body feels decent. No joint pain (knock on wood).

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