The rest, then rest....

6 rounds on 4 minutes
Run 400 meters, max kipping HSPU
Fastest 1:27, Slowest 1:31
A1A run loop was an extra special mess. 

Press 1-1-1
Not so great here. Last week hit 170x2. This week 165x1
Shoulders fatigued quite a bit from the HSPU and Sundays bench/tricep blow out. 

21-15-9 Muscle Snatch 95
Run 100 meters
Pretty sure form when to hell. 
Oly+metcon max effort=bad. 

CG Bench 195x8x3

50-40-30-20-10 75# back squat
5-4-3-2-1 15' rope climb
Stink at hi rep squatting, so this was a good weakness grind. No drops, but lots of pauses. 

Rest 10 minutes
Wodapalooza 'Cafe Con Leche' 
Legs were still shot to pot. This is a good drill, and I imagine it would even be fun with fresh legs. 

3 rounds: Run 200 meters (back trail) 5 thrusters 155#, 5 muscle ups
7:48 with a brief pause to sign for a package
Thruster 5-5-5 MU 5/4-1/3-2

Rest 5 hours

6x400 meter run on 4:00
slowest 1:25, fastest 1:15
out and back course. downhill with the wind, then 200m uphill into the wind. good stuff. 

Saturday & Sunday full rest

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