push day

squat 5x10
single leg step ups 5x10 on a 20" box
superset these with a single parralette hspu(tried a double once or twice and failed)

hspu 5x5 (this is getting a lot easier)
press 5x10
the first few sets gave me a real sweet pump after the hspu

pushups 5 sets on a 2 min clock

The single leg step ups are probably the hardest thing i do in terms of my back on a weekly basis. even with such a minimal load it really works the hammies and requires a lot of lateral stability. if i stop doing these someone please slap me super hard. this actually works my abs really hard as well trying to maintain stability

PM: 20 min jog 60th street to 76th and back
5 min grok squat
5 min super couch each side

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