3x800 on 7 minute clock: 2:55,2:53,2:51

pull day

5x4 snatch off of 2 blocks
135,145,155,165,175x2. failed on the 3rd rep, left it out front. the pull was not hard but arms weak feeling today.

5x4 power clean and jerk off of 2 blocks
the  185 were not strictly touch and go. i paused for a second on the block each time. might be time to widen my grip a little bit for the jerk. with this kind of weight it gets a little unstable when i keep my clean grip.

strict muscle ups 4,4,4,3,3
need to start holding at the top to follow petes advice. i agree i "cheat" through the lockout at the top as fast as possible because that is where i am the weakest.

Reverse hyper: 5x10 all at 100 but first set at 90

dumbell rows: 80x10, 4x10@95 this was pretty hard and gratifying.

pullovers: 5x10@60.

relatively easy day but i think i needed it. nice to be hitting some non-embarrasing weights in the snatch.nice to add running back into the mix but miss the extra rest day on wednesday even though i didn't lift any weights. will try this schedule for one more week before my rest week and if i dont feel recovered will switch my running schedule around.

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