Back in the shallow end

3 pood KB Swing 5/8/3

2 rope legless climb x1
15' 1 pull climb x3

4 rounds of 3 minutes work
5 burpees
7 air squats
1 minute rest

Good WOD, basic work capacity stuff done with the class at 6:30 while Matty kept the clock.

8 rounds, alternating tabata
Muscle Up
135# c-n-j
17 muscle ups/31 c-n-j

Couldn't hear the clock keeper, so this was more of an interval guess workshop exercise in frustration.
Successfully broke my glasses somewhere in there. Muscle ups and weight movement felt decent.

Power snatch 1-1-1
playing around with someone elses bar. felt good. ready to be back at full speed and hit a BW snatch.

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jess said...

Clock keepers are really cool.