bench press
135x5,185x3 with long pauses i dont know why,225x2,245,265,285

2min hip extension
2min pushups
2min butterfly situps
406 reps


press: 4x1@165 with 5 air squats in between
thats right i squatted. what?

deadlift 205
bar burpees

this shit was hard. i honestly thought it was impossible to do it with burpee box jumps under 3 min and then pete hit 2:59. finally starting to feel a little better and be able to push harder again and that was a much needed kick in the ass to start turning it up again. it was cool to watch if you dont come to firebreather fridays you suck ass.

1 min jerks 155: 18 reps volkswagon!

rest 4 hours

500 double unders for time, every break 10 toes to bar.
broke at 159,203,221,311,410,483

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