Saturday the 21st of March, 2009

We will be meeting at the parking lot at 22nd and Collins in Miami Beach at 1pm today. If weather is an issue we will return to the warehouse.

"Beach Blanket Bingo"

Pick a partner to make a two person team.
Sprint 50 meters into the water and return to start.
Tag in partner.
Perform 10 burpees.
Upon completion of last burpee hold plank.

Continue to hold plank while your partner does water sprint.

Each team completes ten rounds for time.

Post time to comments.


Slim Biscayne said...

Couldn't find the crew at the beach. We returned home and did high rise apartment basement gym blanket bingo.

Sprint 100 meters on treadmill with 3% incline. Tag partner and do ten burpees then hold plank while they run. Ten rounds for time.


Finisher - weighted incline sit-ups, three rounds of 25 for time, with rest as needed.

10# - 0:32
25# - 0:35
35# - 2:02

CrossFit 305 said...

Fun on the beach...
Pretty much a rest day, outside of the usual playground climbing with Kaya and a round of BBB just to feel it. Getting out of the water was fun.

Anonymous said...

loved it. we need to do more extended beach workouts and drills.