Tuesday the 12th of May, 2009

We will be meeting at the parking lot located at 73rd and Collins in Miami Beach at 6:00pm. Please call Dan at 561-809-2858 with any questions.

What to bring:

Clothes you don't mind getting wet or a bathing suit


Water to drink

Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:


PANOS said...

Shoulders are still sore and again. I am hoping to hit the OHP tomorrow.

Instead did:

run 800 (3:00)
rest 2
row 500 (1:53)
rest 1:30
run 800 (3:08)
rest 1 min
row 500 (1:57)

Dead hang pull ups 1 every minute on the minute adding 1 each time.

1-9 dead hang + 10-11+1 kipping

67 total pullups

Slim Biscayne said...

Did a little relay with Dan, Phelan, Tina, Kaya and Ferny.

It went a little something like this:

Run, jump, dive, swim, crawl into the ocean and make your way out and back to the old lady afros.

When you get back, your partner does the same. Whilst he or she is journeying to the older generation you

do 25 push-ups

When you are done and he or she has returned you venture out whilst he or she begins the afore mentioned push-ups.

This cycle repeats five times but on the second and fourth rounds 50 squats are subbed for push-ups and on the third round ten burpees are subbed. Fifth round repeats push-ups.

Finisher was 50 walking lunges another trip to the 'fros and 25 more push-ups followed by an excellent soak in the water.

One highlight was a dreadlocked passerby correctly criticizing Ferny's lack of depth on the push-ups.

Great workout and the water was just the right temp.

Anonymous said...

great workout the beach workouts are awesome.

CrossFit 305 said...

Beach day was beautiful. Water temp perfect, great times. We will do it again next Tuesday. The half hour soak after the WOD was so so good.