Tuesday the 26th of May, 2009

We will be meeting at the beach at 73rd Street at 6pm. There is public parking at the lot between 72nd and 73rd on Collins or on 73rd east of Collins. Bring water, sunscreen, a towel and clothes you don't mind getting wet (a swimsuit).

Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:


2fit2cross said...

someone get that kid some MILK and SQUATS stat!

Yamakoa said...

B Warm Up
95lbs 3x5
115 one snatch and one ohs 1x10

Practice Straight Bar MU
Singles, then did 5 consecutive followed 4 con

400 M run x 3

Kip Pulls Up practice after

DM said...

3x10 ghd sit up working on snap
3x10 h&b ext.
2x3 1 pood pull up/chin up
1x5 belly to bar pull up

later on...
beach WOD
lots of water running, sand sprinting, push ups, squats, swimming. beautiful beach day again.
water like glass.