Thursday the 25th of June, 2009

Five rounds for time of:
75 pound Thrusters, 21 reps
21 Double-unders

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DS said...

man.... the only excersize i,ve been doing is walking and bike riding. one day i just did max reps push ups... miss the training (insert sad face)

shashyk said...

Hi everybody,have some injury (sciatic/lower back),cant walk.
Hope for next monday i will be better.
Have a great workout!

shashyk said...

LOVE the pict, PETE !

DM said...

Rest as Rx'd

Anonymous said...

5 rds:

21 thrusters (75) / 21 dubs

15:53. need to work on those dubs

then GHD's and back extensions

Slim Biscayne said...

75# thrusters/tuck jumps

16:33. Big thanks to Dibo for the extra coaching. Pushed past an internal point that I normally can't or won't get through. Went home and slept for a few hours right after. Shows that sometimes what makes a workout tough is what you do with it.

2fit2cross said...

13:49 RX.

Thanks to Dan for the coaching in the last round and making me push through the game in my head. It is time to stop gaming for a time and just go all out, and through the wall.

dibo said...

10 thirty something rxd, brutal. quads r FRIED!!

PANOS said...

7:18 Rx
21/21, 21/21, 11-10/21, 7-7-7/21, 7-7-7/21

2pood swings (american)
15 reps/ 30 sec rest x 3

1 rope ascent 30sec rest x 3

Quads are absolutely trashed.

PANOS said...

did above workout 6/26