Monday the 3rd of August, 2009

On your marks. Get set. ROW!

Complete three rounds for time of:

95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters
Post time to comments.

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PANOS said...

35:40 Rx

Its really hot out there! Nooner

adam said...

Still shaking off a bad headcold and probably coming back a day too early, But no excuses, this one crushed me and I suffered through it.

Weight wasnt too heavy although I had to break it up into 6's. I even had to walk a little on the runs which I dont ever remember doing before.

Don't remember the time but it was high 30's. Anyway, the bar is set low for the next time we do this.

If you are reading this now and coming in for the afternoon session - my advice: hydrate and dont overeat that lunch.

Wesley said...


did 20 squat cleans instead of 30
30 pullups
800 m run

absolute killer-noon heat sucked it all out-

scaling not such a bad idea though.

Slim Biscayne said...

Scaled to 15 squat cleans
15 pullups
800m Run

DNF cut off at 40 minutes

2 rounds plus 15 sq. Cleans and 8 pullups

Felt a little like passing out the whole time. Legs were completely fried.

DM said...

32:31 Rx

dibo said...

33:42 60 ring rows in place of 30pull ups.

2fit2cross said...

It was rough to watch people go through this one. Not looking forward to attempting it later this week. Good work for those of you in the 6:30 class, everyone pushed hard and got through.

shashyk said...

42 minutes

Very very hard, almost quit on the second round of squat clean.
But didnt!

Defend305 said...

Joey G

Dude! They should change the name of this WOD to "Holy Sh@t!"


scaled with 20lb medicine ball
30 pullups assisted with band.

800m run, killer, I had to walk. I was trying not to let DM catch up to me but he may be the fastest man alive. He's like a white Usain Bolt from the olympics.

DM said...

Great f'n effort! That finish made me work.
Thank you, I needed someone to chase.

PANOS said...

I saw some bad form, incomplete reps and a lot of dropping. Look for standards for the WOD and in the gym to tighten up. Everybody is so focused on time forgetting that the path to good form is not an easy one. We all have to go through our steps on that journey. It all starts with the air squat. If your is not in check then pvc or unloaded bar will be your scale. My job as a coach is to make sure you guys are getting a safe and effective workout. So if you have any holes in your game then work on them. Im here to help.