Saturday the 22nd of August, 2009

I stand on my head for 305!

There is no class today as we will be heading to CrossFit Affliction for their one year anniversary celebration/competition. Meet at CrossFit 305 at 11:15am to carpool, or meet us there. The event runs from noon to five.


Wesley said...

damn, wish i was able to go...

you guys have fun- represent 305!


PANOS said...

Good luck guys/gals

varied hill run ( 450mtrs or so)
100 du's
varied hill run
50 du's
varied hill run
25 du's

GTG pull ups

50 situps-great form and ROM but slow.

Anonymous said...

Cant make it to Affliction


21-15-9 Squat cleans (115#) and ring dips.

got interrupted during 1st set of ring dips so didn't get accurate time. Scaled down from rx (135) which was the right decision for me. Good one for benchmark wednesday.

adam said...

didnt mean to be anonymous. it was me

Slim Biscayne said...

still resting - knock em dead boys!

DIbo said...

affiction WOD

15:31 half the workout was outside, blazing hot and movements were spaced out which took more time in transition. nice turnout. good fun.

Wesley said...

Murph redone- 39:34 PR- much better than last week.. it was probably 8 degrees cooler and done cindy style (5,10,15 instead of 10,20,30)

Jason said...

Yeah, Dan M!

PANOS said...

Yo DM howdjado?
Im sure 305 killed it!
Wish I could have been there.

Adam said...

Great job, dan and dibo. Nice representation. Looks like a fun workout. I would love to try it sometime if we can program it in.

PANOS said...

DIBO how is the shoulder?

dibo said...

i opened it up for the comp but remained tentative on the C2B pullups. no better no worse today.
thanks, great pic!

danny boy lit it up!

DM said...

13:11 Rx on the Affliction WOD.