Thursday the 20th of August, 2009

Great job to Joey G. on nailing those double unders!

For time:

500 meter row

5 rounds:

1o med ball cleans
15 push ups
Run 200 meters

Finish with 25 burpees

Sand bags, slosh pipes, more kettlebells, another rope...
What equipment would you love to see in the gym that isn't already here?


2fit2cross said...

ooooooh this looks like fun

Jason said...

Linda aka 3 bars of death- scaled to 80% of 150# bodyweight

180 DL
120 bench press
90 squat cleans


all dl and bp unbroken, squat cleans were the killer...not the weight, but figuring out when to breath, hold and exhale

Jason said...

As for equipment, I think gym needs more 1.5 pood KB's....

Slim Biscayne said...

reverse hyper
slosh pipe
big ass tire
More DB's

K-Roc said...

Apollons Axle
Trap Bar
100lb plates
Farmers Walk Handles / Yoke

Wesley said...

Kennedy Park Workout-

4 rounds of-

12 deadhang pullups
25 pushups
30 squats
100 m dash to situp bench
25 situps
100 m dash back

17:33- fun workout in blazing Miami

PANOS said...

Just got to Greece. Lovin it. As for equipment- We will get all of the above if I have to say anything about it. Im sure Dan is on my side on that one. As for making requests. I have one- Become a member! I go all out for my members. Period...

DS said...

you're a member, HAVE FUN IN GREECE MAN!

2fit2cross said...

training bars - lighter barbells!
a couple more sets of rubber bands green, red, blue.

More KB
More DB - please!!!!
mos def sandbags
loadable clubs - http://strongergrip.com/Docs/clubs.html or just a few small sledges

Climbing holds for the wall

Tape for everyone, and chalk buckets we can wear tied to our waists.

2fit2cross said...

oh yeah more floor space!

and a cushier matt for tumbling type training.

Slim Biscayne said...


I should have taken the day off - I'm busted

power racks would be nice.

adam said...

Equipment a lot better than it was recently. how about a 4 ton A/C unit?

Nice work today, Dom.

DM said...


Doing some equipment purchasing today. Thanks for the input. Some of the more 'non-traditional' equipment will have to wait, but just put together a 35lb. sandbag (thanks wes!). Dom, what happened to the slosh pipe(s)?

2fit2cross said...

13:48. Good one. Eating right before workout in heat - awesome idea, everyone should do it once, a whole other level of stress on your body.

could you get some thigh masters? preachers bench, cable machines.