Monday the 21st of September, 2009

Chris Gruber, 139 pound chin up

30 Med Ball clean 20/12
30 Toes to bar/K2E
30 Box jumps 24"
15 Muscle ups
30 Push Press /Push Jerk 95/65

30 Double Unders
30 Wall Ball 20/12
30 Pullups
30 Burpees
100' OH Walking lunge with 25/45lb plate

200 Meter Run

Skill of the week: Handstand
Essential 9 of the week: Push press

What skill slows you down the most in your WOD?
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Wess said...

sounds like fun..

Slim Biscayne said...

I can't do muscle ups so that is a major slow down. My double unders are spotty at best. I can do HSPU's but I have a hard time inverting so I haven't been able to integrate them in WODs yet. I can sprint pretty well, but anything with lots of running gasses me pretty fast. Any high rep movement that taxes my back when combined with running often causes a debilitating back cramp by the third round. I can't do chest to bar pullups and my max for regular pullups is about 8. Box jumps eat me alive. Burpees too. Hmmmm. I guess eveything slows me down.

DS said...

i cant do muscle ups even if god helped me.
i can only get 2 double unders in a row, but the fast wrist action seems to trigger my wound a bit.

Adam said...

Fun WOD today. Long. Hard. Tough for a Monday.

Per Pete's suggestion - Subbed (15) 135# Squat Cleans for medball cleans, (15) 40# DB thrusters for wall balls, 300' lunges for 100'. Lunges took the longest for sure. had to rest at every 50'. nothing unbroken except dubs. Over 30 minutes with too much rest. (30:40 i think?)

As for what slows me down most? Anything with heavy hip / leg strength (DL, Squats, etc..) and the front rack position (collarbone)

Wess said...

WOD Rx- 32:20

hard..very hard. I definitely rested too much in between. chained dubs together pretty well. I do look forward to doing it again,soon.

anything with legs slow me down considerably-thrusters,squats (even air squats)..

DM said...

155# squat cleans x15, 135# thruster x15, 40#db push press, 300foot 45" OH lunge, no run.
Time for a rest day.
Note to self:

DM said...

Oh yeah, weakness....
Anything pushing...
Bench press, push up, Overhead press, squats, HSPU, etc.

Jason said...

Berkshire WOD

3 rounds: row 500m, 25 burpees
first round was the toughest for some reason

5 min rest then 24" max box jumps 2 minutes: 40

Hardest for me is wall ball 10 ft target and running. Short legs = short strides

PANOS said...

Total 935 (pr)
350 sq (pr)
170 ohp
415 dl

2009 Games Chipper

15 Sq Cl. 155#
30 T2B
30 Box jumps 24"
15 MU's
30 Push press 40# DB
30 DU's
15 Thruster 135#
30 Pull ups
30 Burpees
300' OH plate lunge walk 45#

23:30 Rx

Abmat sit ups, GHD's

Juan said...

Pull ups!!!!!

DM said...

pull ups forever and ever and ever infinity. welcome to the family juan. great to have you!

JLP Education Blog said...

30 Med Ball clean 12
30 K2E
30 Box jumps 24"
15 floor Muscle ups
30 Push Press 45
30 Double Unders
30 Wall Ball 12
30 Pullups
30 Burpees
100' OH Walking lunge with 25lb plate
200 Meter Run

This was by far a PR in many ways. the 24inch bj i did for the first timein the kendall competition and as Dan said "ain't no going back now". also, jsut got my first DU last week. can string 4 in a row, but decided to go for it. it slowed me down A LOT, but to do it RX was worth it. i felt so good!also, i did all pull-ups kips with no bands. that slowed me down a bit too.

Time: 39 minutes and 15 or so seconds.

probably the best most accomplished WOD to date

Juan said...