Friday the 2nd of October, 2009

Starting Saturday, October 17th, we are adding an Olympic Weight Lifting class at noon.
Come prepared to learn more about the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk using progressions and skill work as well as practical strength training to aid these lifts.
We will still have our usual class at 1pm.

Wish good luck to Dominic as he competes at his first powerlifting lifting meet this Saturday in Weston. We want singlet pics!

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
Handstand push-ups


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
Push press 95/65
Pull Ups

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Slim Biscayne said...

Rest Day as Rx'd

Wess said...
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Wess said...

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of
Handstand pushups (abmat)
L pullups


pushups were down without tiring. Pullups became increasingly hard -fast. Fun WOD.

finisher 25 burpees for time- 1:05

DM said...

1 pm

Row 200 @ damper setting 7-35.0 Not popping.

Squat clean + 10 FS @ 135

Row 100 @ damper setting 7-17.2
Still not popping

FS-120x5, 135x5, 160x10

Clean and Jerk 3x1

205 (f) power clean
185 (okay, not enough drop) squat
185 (better, not great) squat

Delaoading and focusing on form throughout.

Lighter with better form will always trump heavy with bad. Sometimes RX is a bad thing. More on this later.

PANOS said...

400 run
100 du's
500 row

75% 1RM for SQ

30 GHD
25 BE
1. 2:53
2. 2:42
3. 3:29

Jason said...

84 reps for HSPU and pull-ups (mix of L, deadhang and knees to chest)

25:59 - it was a struggle but I'm glad I did the full wod

burpee finisher: 1:52

time to rest

DM said...

160 Bench Press x15
500 meter row damper at 6-1:30.9

Was holding steady at 1:27 pace and totally bombed on the last 10 pulls. Tomorrow is another day.

2fit2cross said...

brief description of power lifting meet: boring.

Highlight: watching someone deadlift 637 Lbs.

low-point: seeing a bunch of dudes standing around with bench shirts on.

overall review: could have spent my 5 hours in a better way, but glad to support dom.