Monday the 12th of October, 2009

Tonight: Nutrition Lecture with Joseph Phaleo - 7:30 pm Crossfit 305.
Check out the rules for the Lean Out Challenge here at leanout305.blogspot.com.

Thanks again to all that came out to the beach and spent the day with us. We'll be back there soon.

For time:
Run 800 meters
15 left-legged pistols
15 right-legged pistols
25 sit-ups
12 left-legged pistols
12 right-legged pistols
25 sit-ups
9 right-legged pistols
9 left legged pistols
25 sit-ups
Run 800 meters

Essential 9 of the week: SDLHP
Skill of the week: Pistol

Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:


Jason said...

28:25 as rx'd

DM said...

8:30 am
Military Press
95 x5, 110x5, 120 x6+ 1 push press

5 HSPU, 3deadhang MU's
4 HSPU, 3 deadhang MU's
4 HSPU, 2 DH deadhang MU's

1 pood.

dibo said...

whoaa sorry i missed sat..

wknd stadium WOD in N.C.tried an old workout out my strength coach from college use to punish us with the first day of summer conditioning to see if we came back in shape.

15 Stadium squat jumps up first set of big steps then sprint up the next 100 or so small steps(avg 47 secs each climb). walk or jog back dwn steps immediatley w/o falling. rest one minute at the bottom repeat 10 x's. as brutal as i can remember ....

total wod time: 30:somthing

cud barely walk next day plus caught myself an old mountain cold!!! shots of moonshine that night didn't help either. hopefully be ready by tmw.

PANOS said...

21:39 Rx

pistols woopdidooooo!

then: 6 rounds of
3 pull ups/ 1 MU 3:15
Thanks sean for sliming up the rings. LOL.

Slim Biscayne said...

Scaled to ring assisted single leg squats


Plank hold 1 minute

Wess said...

WOD- 18:20 (.5 pood)

thanks joey for givin me a run!

finisher of max plank time- 3:19

Thekillatapes said...

18:18 assisted pistols, one hand resting on beam. Wess, that extra push was awesome

Yamakoa said...

Rx'd with 20 something lb pood. need better form. 19:41

K2 Rx'd

This is precisely what I love about crossfit. Jut when you think you know everything you need to work on. Bam out of the blue: An exercise that you haven't practiced in about 10,000 years. Give or take a couple of days.