Saturday the 24th of October, 2009

Alex doing GI Jane (CrossFit main site wmv)

Oly Lifting Class at noon!

This is your last chance to join up before this becomes a closed group for 12 weeks.

Park field day at one PM. Don't miss the fun!

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DM said...

Good Job on team Murph everbody!
Good energy in the box today!

tHekillatapes said...

Crazy energy in the box! Madhouse. Good Stuff! Field Day next week (barring rain of course)?

Slim Biscayne said...

oly class with Pete was spot on - did some OHS working up to about 155 x 3.

then did Team Murph with David
we did 5-10-15, alternating each exercise, which let us go quick, but fatigued me pretty well. After 5 rounds he started doing some of my squats and push-ups. I got all my share of pulls in and then the run - oh man. I was wiped the hell out. Super fun day.

Also - got my first chest to bar pull-up. 12 pounds lighter since starting Zone/Paleo.

dibo said...

dam sorry i missed that one..out till 5am sobe workout...oh, then

500m row
20 hang squat cleans w/#35 d.b.s
20 push ups
3xrounds for time(bout a min rest btw rds)

2fit2cross said...

bummed i missed team murph... too many jobs not enough time.

Loved the Oly Class. Great instruction and nice to spend some time focusing on form.

Dead lift
210 x 5
240 x 3
270 x 1 +3
135 x10 x 5

Oly Class
Over Head Squats worked up to 155# for one rep (PR).