Sunday the 1st of November, 2009

Rest and relax, play or learn a sport, enjoy your day.


Jason W said...

make up wod
Tabata Something Else

pullups 62
pushups 66
situps 76
squats 130

total: 334

DM said...

Level 1 day one AM
Tabata Squats

Fran w/ 35# db's

Lots of PVC time on the essential 9

Sunday Level 1 Day 2
Running/Push Ups/Kb Swings team workout with Dibo, Alex, Dom.
Lots of reps, lots of runs. Good WOD, hard to pass the count.

Learned all about Refs, FUPA and other important medical terminology.

This was my third, and most likely last, level 1 seminar attended. It's a good brush up on skills, picking up coaching cues and watching other coaches and deciding what I think is effective and what is not. Thanks to 'da boyz' for making this the most fun one attended. 3-2-1 GO! Chest Bump, High five. Duh.